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July 20, 2015 01:03 pm
This is a network spread around 100 km along the southern highway and contains number of transit points along the way. The requirement of this project is to design a network to interconnect all this Transit points together with a centralized main control system located at Kottawa transit point, where a main database server which contains the details of vehicle numbers with RFID information, billing information, billing system… etc. The reason for the selection of Kottawa as the centralized point is that it is most reliable due to that of closer to the capital city which will make easy the operations & maintenance, and Kottawa is not generally affected when natural disaster like flood & earth slip… etc occurred.
This system includes switches, servers, client computers, IP phones as the main components. This system is implemented using Ethernet technology with mainly connecting the Ethernet switches. Here the ring network is preferred as the network topology so that it may enable no failure of the operation, in case any single point failure. The system is supported by a telecom network service provider to complete the ring network from Pinnaduwa transit point to Kottawa through an alternative path. Any disasters in the highway never isolate the system from accessing it, because of this alternative path. That’s why we get an Ethernet connection from other telecom network service provider. The switch in the ring network at the Kottawa transit point, connected to another switch in the control unit where the servers and main monitoring peripherals are connected to it. Each switch in the transit points are connected with RFID readers, monitoring computer, printer and IP phone via CAT 5 Ethernet cables.
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This is a network spread around 100 km along the southern highway and contains number of transit points along the way. The requirement of this project is to design a network to interconnect all this''' ....Read More
July 20, 2015 01:03 pm