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July 20, 2015 01:13 pm
It is apparent that the domestic heater users often forget to switch off the heater after it has been used. Aftermath is electricity waste and sometimes can result in household fires. New electrical kettles have been introduced as the best solution for this problem as it has the capability of preventing these situations where they can automatically turn themselves off at the boiling point. This attempt is to introduce a well developed product that has this capability and many more useful functions. The equipment is identified as enormously profitable since it can be connected to a heater, electric kettle or any other water heating electrical device.
Three important functions of this controller are significant. First it has the ability to switch off the heater and alarm when the used liquid reaches its boiling temperature. Secondly it acquires the capability of bringing any liquid to a desired temperature. Last but not least being the ability to keep any liquid at a desired temperature for a desired time period. As it can keep any liquid, possibility of using this equipment does not limit only to household activities but also to chemical and medical applications. As the safety of the consumer is imperative, more precautions will be integrated before it introduces to the market as a household appliance which can be mainly used for heating the drinking water. The main obstacle was to make a probe with a sensor which would be used to measure the temperature of the water. To overcome this problem it was obligatory to apply a chemical to cover the sensor. This chemical had to be non poisonous, waterproof, thermal conductive and electricity insulation. After which the other challenge was to calibrate the sensor and plot the graph. For this purpose few professionals in the chemical field facilitated to find a suitable chemical and succeeded in facing the second challenge on my own. By following carefully planned steps and my extreme devotion and dedication the smart heater controller was successfully completed within the given time period.
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July 20, 2015 01:13 pm
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